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Sports Turf Logo's/ Archery

Discussion created by OP McCubbins on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by Gary Aycock

I have two areas that I need assistance in.

1. I am currently teaching my students in sports turf how to do logos for fields. Their first design is any logo (as long as it is appropriate). I wanted to have them paint these on an inconspicuous spot on school grounds.


2. I am wanting to teach Explore Bowhunting, a program from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and ATA, in my wildlife class.


My superintendent wants documentation of other schools doing these things and pictures that are associated with each. Safety procedures etc would help greatly to.


So my question to you, does anyone teach any of these aspects and if so how did you get your school to get on board. I have tried the "this is part of the class, and this is the hands-on portion" but no luck on that. Please help me!!! I want these kids to have this experience.