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Unmotivated students + small class + long period=help!

Question asked by Amanda Cook on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by Nina Crutchfield

I have an animal science class that is becoming a big source of anxiety for me... Here is the long and short:

-i am a first year teacher

-there are 5 students in class and only one took the classbecause they want to learn about animals, every day I hear "I don't care about this"

-the other four are there for their third required year of science credit and are the type who don't want to be in school to begin with

-the class is year long

- I wanted to teach a lot of higher level stuff and a lot of application (ie, selection of animals/evaluation) but am starting to feel discouraged because of their apathy

- I have been tying in real world examples, but it is not a big enough carrot for them to buy in yet

-my class period is 62 minutes, so I am still trying to adjust to the extra 15 minutes


SO, my question is, what are some suggestions for how to make this class more exciting without spending hours  each day trying to plan activities. I was really excited to teach this class but am honestly very discouraged with the circumstances and would liketo look forward to it each day rather than dread it. I feel like I would have an easier time if my class was bigger, so there could hopefully be a higher number of more interested students, or at least then I would be able to get more group activities. I never expected things being so quiet would be a problem!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!