Julie Fritsch

Outdoor Odysseys - 2011 Region V Ideas Unlimited Winner - Joe Green

Discussion created by Julie Fritsch on Aug 22, 2012

For Joe Green, a teacher at Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia, an effective education takes place both inside and outside of a traditional classroom. Green engages his students with outdoor lessons he has created called Outdoor Odysseys.

Through ten separate outdoor lessons, Green integrates Georgia state standards with horticulture, plant identification and anatomy, biology, mathematics, literature, communications, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Prior to going outside, students review important information related to the concept, then are immersed in an outdoor activity.

Most lessons require only simple materials like clipboards, small plastic bags and a pencil. Even with minimal resources, Green believes that any teacher can successfully incorporate outdoor learning into their curriculum.

See the attached documents for details on how to implement Joe Green's award-winning idea into your own program.