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Ag Ed Proficiency/State Level Ag Ed CDE

Discussion created by Ellen Thompson on Aug 16, 2012

Apprentice programs are a great way for high school students to get exposed to a career field before they commit.  Students who are considering Ag Ed have a couple of opportunities through the National FFA Organization to learn about and get a taste for being an agriculture teacher.


Agricultural Education Proficiency Area Entrepreneurship/Placement:

Related to education and extension, including, but not limited to: youth mentoring, agricultural education departmental assistants, PALS mentors and student coordinators, students developing and conducting informational materials and presentations for civic organizations and school aged youth, and students who are involved in SAEs surrounding educating the public about the broad topics of agriculture, agriculture education and the FFA.



Ag Ed Career Development Event (CDE):

Several states have implemented an Agricultural Education CDE.  The Ag Ed CDE is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore a career in agricultural education, to develop a framework of the learning process, communicate an unbiased presentation, and utilize a lesson plan for proper teaching outcomes.  At this time Arizona, Oklahoma, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Florida* have an Ag Ed CDE.



For more information about the these CDE areas contact your state FFA leadership or state agriculture, food and natural resources (AFNR) supervisor.  A complete list of FFA state websites can be obtained here State FFA Websites.



*Will be implemented during the 2013 Florida FFA Convention