Ellen Thompson

Professional Development Opportunities for Ag Teachers

Discussion created by Ellen Thompson on Aug 16, 2012

Professional Development can play an important role in job satisfaction, especially for agriculture teachers.  Given the plethora of subjects that agriculture teachers must be proficient in professional growth options are necessary if not vital to retaining a quality teacher.  As an alumni member and/or community supporter you can assist the agriculture teacher in attending these learning experiences by offering scholarships to cover registration and travel.  You may also want to show your support of such activities by lobbying the school administration on behalf of the teacher.  Many school districts are decreasing or eliminating professional development funds for teachers.  Here is a list of some of the great professional development opportunities offered nationally.  Most states also have a summer conference along with state level continuing education programs.  Talk with your agriculture teacher and see what you can do to help them achieve their professional development needs that they will in turn bring back to the students, school, and community.