Ellen Thompson

Identifying Future Agriculture Teachers

Discussion created by Ellen Thompson on Jul 25, 2012

Tagging a future agriculture teacher is easy once you know where to look and you have the resources to support the tagged individual. As a community member, agriculture teacher, alumni affiliate or stakeholder you play an important role in identifying the next generation of agriculture teachers.  Here are some great ways to identify and Tag a future agriculture teacher:


Agriculture Teachers/State Staff/Post-Secondary Faculty

  • Seek out students in your programs and let them know they would make a great agriculture teacher.
  • Talk about why you love being an agriculture teacher.
  • Direct them to state and national Teach ag resources like the Teach Ag website. http://www.naae.org/teachag
  • Follow-up with a personalized letter that outlines why you believe they should become an agriculture teacher. See examples at Teach Ag Nomination Letter Templates
  • Provide teaching opportunities for that student during their high school/collegiate experience that will nurture their teaching skills.


Alumni Affiliates/Community Supporters/Agribusiness

  • If you are connected with a local ag program be on the lookout for students that display teacherish qualities; love of agriculture, enjoy helping other students, organized, positive, professional, dependable.  Of course not all future agriculture teachers are enrolled in an agricultural education class or even have access to agriculture education.  That's ok there are plenty of opportunities to tag a future agriculture teacher: 4-H youth development activities, related student organizations (DECA, BPA, Student Council, Debate, etc.), commodity ambassador programs, and basically any other activity that combines agriculture, leadership, and working with others.
  • After identifying potential future agriculture teachers, share with them why you think they would make a great agriculture teacher.
  • Send them a personalized letter outlining why you believe they should become an agriculture teacher.  See examples at Teach Ag Nomination Letter Template
  • Contact an agriculture teacher in your state who can mentor the student.
  • Set-up a Teach Ag booth during FFA Convention.  Provide resources, teacher testimonials, scholarships, University Ag Ed contact information, and Tagged to Teach Ag promotional items. Create stickers like the ones found here: Teach Ag Scroll to the bottom of the page for various templates.