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Ipads, anyone?

Question asked by Dianna Jarema on Jun 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by Brian Tomlinson

Since technology is everchanging, administration is excited to share it and use it when it is available!  Last year we received some Ipads through our Perkin's funding and were able to get three Ipads per ag teacher (6 for the department).  Is anyone using them in their instruction?  With only three on a regular basis, it's difficult to integrate them into the daily curriculum.  I did incorporate them into a vegetable plant unit where I had grouped the students, made up worksheets and had them do research on topics relating to common insects, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, etc.  Of course, only three groups could use the Ipads to research information and find pictures which were required for them to complete the project.  Students gave presentations  about their topics and used the Ipads during their presentations to show pictures.  Next year, we are hoping to get a classroom set of 10 so that every pair of students has access to an Ipad.  Any other ideas on how you've used them or can use them in the classroom?  I've tried playing with it at home, but haven't had any luck.