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Justifying Field Trips to Administration

Question asked by Dale Cruzan on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by Sherisa Nailor

We are working with our administration to develop a marketing plan for our program and to demonstrate the curriculum connections to our scheduled trips. Our goal is to help fellow teachers see the importance of these activities as an extension of the classroom. They are most concerned about our trips that are extended days (State Convention, National Convention, and National Land and Judging), which require students to miss class time. We are on a block schedule in our school, which causes the students to miss a lot of instructional time.


What are some resources you use to help market your program and activities? When you go on trips, such as National and State Convention, how do you show the educational importance of these trips and that they are not just times for the students to run free. We keep our students on a tight schedule.

Do you use any forms to check the students academics and progress in class? Any resources you can provide would be helpful!




Dale Cruzan

Allentown High School, NJ