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Drowning in drama!....

Question asked by Joe C. Moore on May 18, 2012
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For the last 2 years, our little school of less than 100 high school kids has been awash in a sea of drama and caty-ness.   Gender does not necessarily seem to make a difference, although the girls are definitely the institgators of a majority of it.


It all started with the girls sports teams and has precipitated to the point where we had students move out of the district and it has permeated every other organization in school, including FFA.   I am losing kids because they don't want to be in the same class as some other kid, etc. etc.


After two years, I think we are finally almost rid of the entire origional group.   My chapter president and I are in agreement that some things need to be done to encourage more of a family and team atmosphere and cooperation among the officer and members.   Hopefully this will also have a positive influence throughout the rest of the school since 30% are enrolled in ag.   We want to start the process this summer and get some firm plans down during our officer retreat.


My question?   Does ANYONE have any ideas or experience with this type of thing and can offer suggestions or advice to help this new endeavor along?


I have actually grown to dread going to work over this whole thing.   It has really impacted the kids attitude and mine.