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An Agricultural Educator is....

Question asked by Christie Joehl on May 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by Henry Paris

Agricultural Education teachers have several roles that aren't always highlighted. I have begun to compile a list of duties and responsibilities of Ag Teachers. I know there are more...please add yours. I'd like to compile a list to email out to All Ag Teachers to keep them sane and give them some needed praise they deserve.


CEO of FFA chapter, primary recruiter, marketing of the program, bookkeeper, manager, sales representative, primary curriculum director/writer, mother/father, transporter, coach, trainer, advisor, leader, creative capacity, news editor, photographer, travel planner, chaperone, auction coordinator, community liason, agriculture answer bank, jack of all trades-master of none, student supporter, serrogat parent, educator, motivator, counselor, friend, construction designer, financial supporter of program (making/buying/paying for materials for the classroom/program that your school won't fund), greenhouse manager, plant broker, chief greenhouse operator, agricultural literacy coordinator.