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Nook Tablet 16GB in Classroom Vs. IPAD

Question asked by Chris Miller on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by Heidi Davis

I have been researching purchasing IPAD's and Nook Tablets for use in the classroom.  I have a 16GB Nook for my personal use and used it since xmas.  I absolutely love it however I have been to serveral workshops on IPADs.   Advantages I see if you are a PC person you can download an app for $14 that will let you create, modify, edit, and print excel, word, and powerpoint documents from your nook tablet.  I have tried the the mycaert system on the nook as well as U of I's easy records and they work fine on the Nook Tablet.  The Nook is half the cost of an IPAD.  So I am looking at getting 12 for my classroom.  I was just wondering if anyone was using them currently?