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Taxidermy in Class - Need your input please!!!

Discussion created by Shawn Turner on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Laura Schwengel

We have 5 boys in an independent study taxidermy class this semester.  I set up the course as a "Research in Agriculture - 18206" competency profile.  They've worked hard and had a great time skinning and preserving animals, we've all learned a lot, and they have been well received by most folks around our school.

I've been approached by an administrator who is convinced this is a health and safety hazard...both because of potential disease vectors on the animals and because the students are using knives.
I know I've heard before that several Ag teachers do a unit on taxidermy, with each student stuffing a squirrel or something.  Please share with me, if you would, if you have done this before, how it went over, protocols and procedures, how you handle carcass disposal, clean up, tool storage and use, etc...would love to have some examples to use as ammunition to support what we're doing, have several kids interested in taking the class next year.
Thank you in advance for any input you can share!