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Making FFA meetings worthwhile

Question asked by Lindsay Davis on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by Nina Crutchfield

I am a new teacher in a four teacher program.  We hold monthly FFA meetings and typically have around 35-40 members show up.  We provide food at each meeting, which is why I think 90% of the students actually show up. Our officers conduct the meeting by parliamentary law and don't steer too far from that.  There is little discussion, the meeting ends, the kids eat and we're in and out in fifteen minutes.  In short, our FFA meetings are pointless.  We spend maybe two minutes discussing upcoming events- the rest is in open & closing ceremony.  We have the time and I know we need to be doing some type of engagement/fun activity to make the students want to come, not just want to eat free food (which by the way, adds up and cuts out of our budget).  It's driving me crazy and I need ideas.