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Creed Suggestions Needed

Discussion created by Ayla Miller on Jan 22, 2012
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Hi All,


I am looking for suggestions relating to the teaching the FFA creed in class, and preparing students for the CDE.


I usually take 5 weeks to learn the FFA creed.  We learn a paragrpah a week.  I use Mondays to introduce the paragraph, Wednesday and Thursday the students take two different fill in the blank quizzes for the paragraph and then on Fridays they present it to the class.


I have really liked the way I have done the creed in the past,because it allowed students to learn the creed, but we didn't spend too much time duirng one class period on it.


However, with our semester just beginning and our chapter speaking contest being in about 3 weeks, I need some ideas about how to teach the students the creed in two weeks.  I am looking for ideas that allow the students to learn it and be prepared for the contest, but I also don't want them to feel as if it is being shoved down their throats so quickly.


Any thoughts, reccomendations, or sharing of your success stories would be appreciated.


Thanks, Ayla