Feed Rations Lab - Pearson Square Practice

Discussion created by Hailey on Jan 19, 2012
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got the initial idea from a post on here. Tweaked it to fix my needs. Basically i use cereals/ candy as the feeds. (I assign them after the students complete the punnett square so they don't get to choose the treats they eat. Its a surprise...which i like! =) 


Feeds / Cereals I used  (Protien percents are pretty accurate, Prices I just threw in there)


Corn = Corn Puffs

Wheat = Puffed Wheat

Wheat Straw = Puffed wheat covered in salt

Granular Molasses = M&M's

Soy Bean Meal - Fruity Pebbles

Cotton Seed Meal - Coco Pebbles


+ I had them divide the lbs of each feed by 100 so that we could measure in grams and use electronic scales. WORKED WELL!!

+ Kids were creative in making their feed bags - lots of good feed names.

+ took about 90 minutes




-The kids recommended that i use gummy bears, starburst, marshmellows next time. They wanted to candy rather than the cereal.