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Integrating Animal/Vet Science Curriculum

Question asked by Jennifer Glombowski on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by Amanda Mullins

I teach at a career tech center and we are changing our horticulture/greenhouse based curriuculm to a general agriscience curriculum.  This means I need to integreat animal science.  We are looking at using vet science as the delivery method for the animal science to help increase enrollment in my class.  So I am looking for anything that you might use as a course of study or lessons (even if they are just animal science) for a year long general ag course.  I have spent the last 8 years teaching Hort so I really don't have a lot of Animal anything.  I am looking at calling the class Environmental and Veterinary Sciences.  So it will cover everything in General Ag.


Any help would be great.