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Animal Digestion Lesson & Fingerpainting Activity

Discussion created by Jamie Gregory on Jan 4, 2012
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I am currently covering a brief introduction to animal digestion with my first year ag students. Below you can find the following: Digestion lesson plan from Colorado Agricultural Education and Digestion powerpoint from Colorado Agricultural Education (with a few of my own adaptations). For my lesson, I went over the powerpoint with the students first and they took notes on the fill-in-the-blank notes sheets (included with the powerpoint). Then we did a quick question/answer review. Then I gave each student two pieces of plain white printer paper and let them choose a few colors of craft paint. Using the swine and cattle digestive system diagrams from the powerpoint as a reference, they fingerpainted their own rendition of each diagram. This was a huge hit and the students had a lot of fun! See pictures below of a completed swine diagram and a cattle diagram (work in progress).


After the fingerpainting is completed, I will display them in the classroom and we can have a "digestion gallery hop". Then, we are going to conduct the digestion lab from the lesson plan.


swine digestion diagram fingerpainting activity.JPG

cattle digestion diagram fingerpainting activity.JPG