OP McCubbins

Candy Cane Wreaths- Quick and Easy Floral Fundraiser

Discussion created by OP McCubbins on Dec 6, 2011


As we enter the time of year when live designs are more prevelent I was thinking of a way to offset the cost of flowers. The picture below is something I found on pinterest. Super easy to do and cheap to make. I know that it does not contain flowers, but, you do utlize tools of the floral trade. Glue gun, ribbon, floral wire for a hanger etc. We are charging 3 dollars for what we call an "original" and 3.50 for a "festive" wreath. the original is peppermint candy canes, and peppermint discs, the festive is the colored candy canes, cinnamon discs, or spearmint discs. You can get 12 candy canes in a pack for a dollar at the dollar tree (.08333/ cane) and peppermint discs in a bag with about 25 for a dollar as well (.04/peppermint disc). The design takes 10 canes and 10 discs for a whopping total of 1.23 to make. Thats over 100% profit. While it seems miniscule, each student has to sell atleast 5 outside of school. If all 30 students sell 5 originals we will raise 265.50 to purchase live flowers for designs. Just thought I would share. (I sent an email out to the school faculty and my inbox has been exploding with orders all day) I think we will end up raising about 450-500 when it is all said and done. Attached is a quick order form I threw together. Hope this helps. The picture on the right costs 6 dollars for original and 7 for festive.