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Disruptful Student(s)

Question asked by Gayla McGlothlin on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2011 by Debra Inghram

I know that this topic has been a topic of interest for many posts. I am not a new teacher (i have been teaching for 5 years), but I am new at my current school. I have been having a difficult time with a student for what seems like the last several weeks. I continuously call the student's mother and inform her of what is going on, however, the student still continues to act out. I have had a conference with both him and the guidance counselor regarding his behavior. I have even spoken to the principal regarding the student and he is aware of what is going on. The student has continuously been put into ISS, where he doesn't do my work, so he isn't learning anything.


I guess my question is how can I keep the classroom situation sane, and continue to try to help this student. Several other students in the class have been acting out, pretty much stating their opinions when it is not wanted. I have had more than a handful of side conversations with the troubled student, and he will not look me in the eye, saying that I try to get him out of the room and that I am "crazy" or "trippin'." He arrives to my class well after the bell has rang, sits at his desk and promptly takes his cell phone out. Today I told him to hand me the cell phone because this has been an everyday occurrence, and he refused, stating that I am just looking for a reason to start trouble with him.


I am at my wits end and and finding this situation getting more hopeless each day. If anyone can provide some help in this situation, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks so much!!!