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How to Make Learning FFA FUN!?... I'm loosing them!

Question asked by Bridget Mahoney on Oct 2, 2011
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I'm a new teacher this year in a very small school.  I'm having trouble with my freshman Ag 1 students.  In the course description, which was created before I was hired, it states that the majority of the class is covering What is FFA and the different aspects of FFA.  My students are rebelling.  They have no desire to learn about FFA and most of them do not want to join, but how do I still teach it and make it interesting, in hopes of making some of them change their mind?  Last year, these students took an exploritory class with the previous instructor that was all projects, which they thought Ag 1 was going to be the same thing.  I'm trying to incorporate projects, but it has been difficult.  I'm looking for some FFA resources that I can make fun and exciting to a class of 26 freshman...boys!  I need some great ideas, and fast... before I lose them for good!


Thanks in advance!!