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Reading a medicine label

Discussion created by Jaimie Varnedore on Sep 19, 2011
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I am preparing to teach a lesson on livestock medications. I was wondering if there is any suggestions available to help me put together a lesson plan and activity on this subject? What I have in mind is to prepare a Power Point discussing the basics of livestock medicine: withdrawal times, injection site, labeling for specific species, what medications to administer for common illnesses (pneumonia, stiff joints, infections, fever, cough, etc.), as well as maintainence medications. After the Power Point, I will pass out a reference sheet with medicine labels including necessary information and a worksheet describing scenarios of "sick" animals, the goal is to have the students read the scenarios, and choose which medicine to administer to the animal. This lesson and activity has to be completed in a 30 minute time window, and is being taught to high school ag students.

Thank you for any suggestions, ideas, and references that you can provide.