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    Story Book Project


      So I was thinking it would be a good learning activity for my High school students to create a story book, I am currently on the Dairy Unit and they could make it really fun. We do know books alot, but I thought making it an actual story that they could read to younger kids would make it fun and an educational experience. Has anyone done this before on any subject, and suggestions or advide would be very helpful. Thanks

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          Ellen Thompson Top CoP

          Great idea!  I always thought something like this would be a great project for high school students and an ag literacy outreach. 


          Attached is an assignment I created in Animal Science on the digestive systems. I might have developed it for a CASE lesson but honestly I can't recall if it was used in the final CASE- Animal Science course or not.  Anyway, the students created an illustrated story book on the various digestive systems.  The rubric and a few instructions are attached.  They really turned out pretty good.  Students worked in pairs to complete the task which took two in class days (85 minute blocks) and some time outside of class. One tip I would suggest, allow them to create graphics on the computer or create their entire book in an electronic format and then print it out, maybe using something like Shutterfly story books.  My students were only allowed to use colored pencils and their own artistic ability.  While this method has its' own merits, if you are going to read them to elementary students the method I used may not be as effective. 


          Best wishes, again this sounds like an awesome project.  Please share the final products. 

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            Attached is the information for a story I have my students write after our discussion on species terminology.  The instruction sheet and my example is attached.  I require the to use two species of animal, although, my story only contains one -- haven't had time to rewrite it yet.


            Hope this helps.

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              Megan-  Curious if you did this with your dairy unit and cared to share? 



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                I did this with my kids and it was a lot of fun!! We did it for our poultry unit. The elementary school was a walk away so my students then read their stories to the little kids.

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                  I have also done story books w/ my students.  We made a story book in our Entomology Unit instead of a PowerPoint this year.  I had my Ag 1 class utilize it during Swine Unit last spring. My conservation class utilized it as they were preparing a lesson to present to the Elementary students last quarter. It is a great way for the students to really have to know and understand what they are writing about. Our booklets are always a fiction story utilizing the facts and real characteristics of whatever topic we are utilizing.


                  Good Luck w/ this project! It is alot of fun!