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Greenhouse help please.... i'm lost.

Discussion created by Michael Peiffer on Apr 1, 2011
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I preface this by letting everyone know that I pretty much suck at this greenhouse stuff. We just got a new one at our school and are getting it filled with plants. However, i'm not very bright with these things and need help. Have had some great resources thus far and am extremely thankful for those folks.


Issue of the day. The picture below isn't very good as it came from my cell phone camera. I have several potted impatiens that have this white fuzzy stuff growing on the top of the potting mixture. this one is starting to turn a bit yellow. None on the plant and it seems to be doing ok for now. Noticed that it continues to spread within the pot. Tried looking it up in my trust COmmercial Greenhouse textbook that  Igot as a reference but couldn't find anything definitive. I'm guessing its a fungus of some sort or at least that is what it looks like. So, what I need help with is:


1. What did I do to cause this?


2. WHat can I do to fix it?



Thanks a million!!!!!


Signed, guy with 2 dead thumbs.