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Free Estrus Synchronization Course

Discussion created by Mary Robinson on Feb 16, 2011

The University of Missouri developed three courses relating to estrus synchronization.  The courses can be accessed at the following website:


Text from website:

Welcome to “Fundamentals of Beef Reproduction and Management: Focus on Estrus Synchronization."

Reproduction is the major factor impacting profitability in a cow-calf operation...


The three courses are designed to familiarize you with the following topics:

Course 1 Includes:

  • Physiological principles that underlie estrus synchronization
  • An overview of commercially available estrus synchronization products,

Course 2 Includes:

  • Specific estrus synchronization protocols currently recommended for beef heifers and cows,

Course 3 Includes:

  • Management considerations for implementing an estrus synchronization program in your herd
  • A description of the impact of estrus synchronization on reproductive management.

In addition, each module includes assessment questions to help you evaluate your comprehension of the information.