Julie Fritsch

CASE Program Growth and Expansion

Discussion created by Julie Fritsch on Jan 25, 2011

February 1st marks the opening for 2011 CASE Institute (CI) registrations. See dates and locations of all 11 CIs at http://www.case4learning.org/professional-development/case-institute.html   Seats are limited to 20 per CI, so early registration is encouraged.



The National CASE Program continues to grow and develop nationwide. http://www.case4learning.org/case-schools.html   Eighty-seven (87) teachers at 84 schools in 17 states are implementing foundational courses in plant and/or animal science.  The introduction course in AFNR is being field tested in 10 states by 29 teachers at 24 schools. Five schools have all three CASE courses and 11 schools are implementing two courses - all this in the first full year of CASE implementation.



Other good news includes increased funding support for CASE.  Initially, 11 states invested in the CASE program resulting in funding for three courses which include the introductory and foundational course development, teacher professional development and assessment development.   Through the efforts and diligence of National Foundation staff,  CASE will now be receiving corporate funding through the National FFA Foundation.  This increased support from industry will provide funds to help complete the Animal and Plant Biotechnology course and related professional development and assessments as well as potentially begin the same for Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Agricultural Technology Systems and Food Science and Safety.



The CASE website is constantly changing.  Check out what?s new at www.CASE4learning.org and/or contact me or anyone on The CASE Team http://www.case4learning.org/about-case/the-case-team.html for further information.