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Hello, all!


I teach in Mansfield, TX, just south of the DFW metroplex. We have a wide variety of kiddos, from the standard farm kids to the all out city folks. This being the case, I get a LOT of variety in my Wildlife classes. In order to best meet the needs of all of them with regard to our Wildlife course expectations, I have been developing new curriculum and implementing new ideas into my program.


I started this group with helping others that are in the same situation or are looking for something different. I use entomology, archery, lots of projects, lab activities, as well as a whole lot more stuff in my class. We utilize the NASP archery curriculum when discussing firearm safety, have an archery team that stems from that, as well as a shotgun shooting team that competes in our state trap shoot every June.


I haven't had time to post much yet, due to being buried under other stuff, but please feel free to join the group, discussion, or stay tuned for upcoming stuff. I'll post it as soon as I get it done and can upload the files. =)


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