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Uncontrollable classroom with lots of disrespect

Question asked by Megan Allred on Dec 3, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2010 by Kurt VanDeWalle

So I am really struggling trying to get my last class of the day under control. I teach straight animal science and have classes of 38 + I have a few classes that are slowly improving, but still some what out of control but my 4th period seems like it is getting worse. How do I punish the individuals and not the entire class? I have students who have voiced to me that they hate my class, not because of me or because of the subjects but because of their peers. i have students that actually want to learn and class room management problems are preventing it from happening. I feel like a horrible teacher and am seriously wondering what I got myself into. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my students and now I'm just hurting the students learning potential. Its been a rough week, and its like the kids are already on christmas vaccation. I try different methods of teaching and nothing seems to work, the kids are really just lazy. I rarely give out homework, we do the majority of it in class, and when I do assign the simpiliest homework students are just to lazy to turn it in. For heavens sake these are the leaders of tomorrow and it scares me to think about it that way. I'm begging for some help, how do I help my students? I want to stop feeling like such a horrible teacher, I just feel so unprepared for the classroom right now and I'm sure there are others feeling overwhelmed right now too.