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National Convention... and a goat.

Question asked by Kacie Benson Carballo on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by Mikaela May

Thursday I started feeling sorry for myself, as I so badly wanted to be in Indianapolis. I never had the chance to go while in High School and now I am a first year Teacher hoping I can experience it soon!!  While drowning in my tears, I decided to flip on the t.v. and to my surprise. . . I found full and complete coverage of the 83 National FFA convention. Thanks RFD TV!! YAY! Hip HIP HORRAH! Like a true addict I scribbled down all of the times each session would be broadcast, grabbed a Diet Coke and some popcorn, cleared my schedule and thanked my lucky stars. I was in for the long haul, with all the comforts of home. I was even fortunate enough to be in the company of Orion Samuleson, the host who covered the National Convention. I just love him!


My absolute favorite part of convention was the motivational speech given by Josh Shipp, although he claims he is far from a motivational speaker, he is one of the BEST I have ever heard. Plain. Truthful. Completely realistic. There are no participation trophies given here. Just a good wake up call. I must be somewhat of a pessimist or realist, maybe a little of both, but I totally enjoy (yes, present tense) the world of 'hard knocks' and think more people need to experience it. Grow from it.  At the end of Josh's speech he tells FFA members "Sesame Street lied to you! Dreams do not come true." He goes on to explain that dreams are for the sleeping guy on a couch and it is GOALS that will come true. I dig this. I LOVE this. I will be showing the clip from this part of convention to ALL my classes this week. So, I thought I would share. If you are into the world of hard knocks, here is the website where you can find the speech and also attached is a quiz I compiled for my students. The clip is almost 38 minuets long and worth every second.


And since this is a discussion, what was your favorite part of convention? Is there any Teachers out there who went this year for the first time? Any suggestions to this newby? Let me know! Give me all the good stuff, I will get jealous and make sure I am there! 358 days 11 hours. .