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    Mentor Relationships with Community Leaders

    Ellen Thompson Top CoP

      At the Ag Ed listening session I went to this summer there was a discussion about pairing students up with community leaders as a mentor/job shadowing component of the students coursework.  The principal from Martin County West spoke highly of the success in their school.


      Do other schools use this form of partnering?  Not just for on the job class, but for all agriculture students?


      What has worked well?  Tips, advice for others?


      Ideas on how this could benefit the ag program?

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          Natasha Mentor

          Our seniors here at Morris, through Senior Social, do two mentorships each year.  A two day mentorship in the fall and a 1 day mentorship with the spring.  This is a great opportunity for them to work with a local professional and lean about their job.  Being it is an entire grade that it affects, missing school days isn't as big of any issue.  So if the CTE department worked with another dept where they see all the students in one core area it would be a great partnership!