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    Last minute I know, but quick help would be nice. Intro Unit


      I am trying to put together a good intro to animal science unit to introduce what the class will be about before we get into too much detail. Any suggestions. I started my course out with FFA and just finished up. Now they are going to be doing on going research on a specific animal breed that they chose, they had to write a letter to the Breed association asking for any information that they could get. But I need to introduce them to the subject where most of my students know nothing about the course and are there for the science credit. Any suggestions I need them for Tuesday. Thanks in advance

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          You could lay out on the tables pictures of different breeds of animals and have the students rotate around and name as many as possible. They may not be familiar with livestock breeds, but chances are they'll know a few dog breeds. At the end of the unit, you could come back to the same activity and see how much they've learned.

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            Matt Eddy Top CoP
            • Domestication and its reasons
              • Scientific name and Kingdom, philum, etc. Of all and their specific breed too.
            • Handling and Safety
            • Cells and Tissues
            • Nutrition
            • Reproduction
            • Genetics
            • Animal Health
            • Products, Selection and Marketing.


            Those are the big units I would focus on.


            I think you would be well advised if your teaching for science credit as well to check out the CASE ASA (Animal Science ) course.  It sounds like you would benefit from a curriculum laid out for you with emphasis on National Science, Math, English standards as well as teaching agriculture to students who might not be the 'farm kids' of yester-year.  My students are not exactly from the farm, but really enjoy the animal science topic matter.  CASE has been easy to prepare, teach, and provide the science background to make it a viable science credit alternative in Iowa.


            FWIW, JMO, ME


            CASE in Action:

            CASE 4.2.3 Lab 16.JPG4.1.3 CASE  4.JPG

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              I have attached a few worksheets I used for an introductory unit.  I also had my students do a project on a particular animal.  Attached is the document describing the assignment.


              Below is an outline of the topics I discussed in my livestock management class.

              1. Introduction to Animal Science                            2 weeks
              2. Taxonomy                                                          1 week
              3. Anatomy and Physiology                                    4 weeks
              4. Nutrition                                                            3 weeks
              5. Reproduction, Genetics, and Selection                4 weeks
              6. Growth and Development                                  2 weeks
              7. Pathology and Health                                          3 weeks

              After we finished the pathology and health unit, the students had several weeks to work on their species project.  Let me know if you would like worksheets from the other units.


              Also, you may find the University of Minnesota's Animal Science curriculum helpful.  It was written several years ago, but the intent was to provide students with a lot of science in the context of animals.  You can access the curriculum through the following link: http://sites.google.com/site/agedtip/instructional-resources-1/animal-2  Once at the site, scroll down until you find "Animal Science Curriculum" in the left column.

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                Monty Larsen Mentor

                I just finished up an introductory animal science unit that was heavy on science.  I've attached the PowerPoint I used the Animal Science Biology and Technology (3rd edition) textbook by Mikesell and Baker as a reference text - great textbook if you're teaching for science credit.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I also attached the student notes worksheet (in PowerPoint - just print out in handouts with six slides per page).  I will include a quiz as well.  I hope this helps.