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Shop Safety Requirements

Discussion created by Michael Kaeb on Aug 25, 2010
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Greetings. New teacher here. One half day and one whole day under my belt. So far so good!


I will give you a brief background so you have an idea of what I am working with. The Ag department and FFA program is getting ready to start its 4th year. For the first three years, and this year because I got hired to late to make a difference, there have not been any pre-req's for any of the ag classes. Numbers are down and this year, the only courses being offered are; 1 semester of Basic Ag Mechanics, 1 semester of Ag Business, a full year of Ag Construction, and Intro to Ag. Since Intro to Ag has never been a pre-req, I have all grade levels spread out throughout all my courses. I have sophomores through seniors taking Ag Mech and Ag Construction, some of whom have taken Ag classes and some who have not. Basic Ag Mechanics I plan to teach a little land use, welding, and small  engines. After all, it is only one semester. In Ag construction, I plan  to cover everything from ground up. That is the background on the students and courses. Now the shop background.


My welding area consists of 5 well worn but still working stick welders. I have 3 MIG welders that have been bought over the last 3 years (1 a year I believe). I have a big floor grinder and a drill press. Other than that, I do not have a whole lot to work with. The school used to have an Industrial Arts program which was converted to the now Ag program. I have lots of wood working equipment; band saws, table saws, planers, sanders, radial arm saws, dovetail machines, routers, etc, etc, etc.


All that being said, I would like some input on what you would recommend having the students do before being allowed to enter the shop. I don't really have any curriculm that deals with safety (and for that matter, being the 3rd teacher in a program that is 4 years old, I do not have hardly any curriculum so if you are willing to share anything, I would appreciate it!!). I would like to know how much and what you teach your students about safety. How long do you spend? Do they have to pass a test with a minimum score to be able to go to the shop? Thanks SO much in advance for your help! It is greatly appreciated!!


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