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Discussion created by Joni Fields on Aug 24, 2010
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I am starting my 3rd year of teaching and as of yesterday, we had been in school 2.5 days when I got asked to come to my principals office.  I had a traditional farm boy drop ag class and go to FACS class, because he and his parent thought there was to much emphasis on FFA in my classroom. I spend 4-5 weeks on FFA in my Ag Science I Class. Is this longer than most or shorter than most? I don't really think it is too long.  I mean after all, most of my units are 3 weeks on average and sometimes, depending on the students in the class, it might take us a little longer or it might not even take us as long as we had planned. After the FFA Unit is over, I don't really spend much time on it in the classroom directly unless we have a big event coming up, or something of that nature. I do make any necessary announcements at the beginning of class when I need to.


My principal is definitly more of a sports guy, so when it comes down to it, he doesn't get the ag program the best and sometimes it seems as though he tries and other times he could care less.  I guess, my question is how much time should I spend on FFA? I know that it will vary from school to school and program to program, but I would like to know what other do.  I wish it was where I could make it mandatory for students in ag class to be in FFA, but at my school, that just won't happen.


Any suggestions, ideas, etc, let me know! I would appreicate it! I am a little discouraged about all of this....