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Testimonials for Promotion

Discussion created by Ellen Thompson on Jul 1, 2010
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Capture testimonials about the ag program and from current and former students/parents/stakeholders for display. You may also wish to secure testimonials from alumni members and business leaders.


Once you capture the testimonials use them to:

  • Post around the classroom
  • Hang up in the halls during FFA Week
  • Make small cards and attach to centerpiece flowers at the year end banquet
  • Include in sponsor thank you letters
  • Share with school board members or administration
  • Keep on file for speeches and program promotion events
  • Utilize quotes in promotional flyers, pamphlets, and brochures
  • Showcase classes in the Registration Booklet


Attached is a document used to obtain the testimonial information. You will need to modify the document depending on your audience

This documents contains examples of quotes from students that are formatted and ready for display. 



Do you use student/parent/alumni/stakeholder testimonials to promote your program? 


If so please share your experience and tips. 


Do you have questions about how to effectively use them? Ask here.


Upload documents that may be beneficial to others.