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    Sub Plan Ideas?

    Heather Anderson Mentor

      I have been out of school this semester a great deal while caring for my mother who is a terminal cancer patient.  I am looking for a three day research project that I could leave for a sub should she actually pass away.  Anyone have any ideas?

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          Melanie Bloom Top CoP

          Sorry to hear about your mother.  I hope you're taking care of yourself, too; you've probably been through a lot this year.


          I don't know what class/age/topics you're looking for.  Here's a website that has a full week-and-a-half project:  www.re-energy.ca  It deals with alternative energy sources and generation. By the end of the project (and it has a grading device, lesson plans, project deadlines, and information available) the groups have diagrammed energy flow and electrical conversion, created a display about the energy source and constructed a working model generator.  I do this with my exploratory classes but it could be "dialed up" a little for upperclassmen.