Heidi Davis

Vet Bills?  Feeding Costs?

Discussion created by Heidi Davis on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 12, 2010 by Michael Southerland

If you have in class animals in small animal care or other classes, where should the funds for feed and vet bills come from?


In this day of budget crises and such it seems many of us are spending the money out of our own pockets which could cause issues down the road. We are usually no longer allowed to have "petty cash"  and other rules about finances may limit the ability of a teacher to pay for the animal care out of school funds. Do we simply eliminate the hands-on aspects of this class?  I know that having the class pets is a huge recruitment tool for our chapter but I am paying almost $100 a month out of pocket for feed and such.  If the animals get sick vet bills can be enormous.  I do not even have bedding costs as we recycle newspapers for most of it.  This is just feed,replacement filters and such.


Has anyone had success with help from alumni?  Parent booster groups, etc?  WHat about specific Fundraisers that would raise the money?  How do your chapters budget for this?  I would like to know to improve the process for next year,  Thanks!