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Elementary School Lesson Plans- Ag After School Program

Discussion created by Bethany Knowlton on Feb 2, 2010
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Hey guys!


Julie and Ellen just got this up on the National Teach Ag Day Website as well, but I'm throwing it up here as well, hoping people will find it useful!  This is a 30ish page document full of lessons (include activities, vocabulary, related books and web links, and pictures) that my students and I worked to create.  We started an after school program in our two elementary schools found in our district.  It would meet once a week for about 90 minutes.  I would train my students to teach elementary school students- so they would create lesson plans and activities, and then implement them.  This was a ten week program, and we implemented reading and writing strategies as well.  Kids all around enjoyed it!  Its in a pdf version right now because the file is huge, and I created it in a mac program called Pages.  If you would like the Pages version (if you are a mac owner), I can send it to you in that format so you can make changes and additions to it to fit your school!  This was an great SAEP opportunity!!!