Robin McLean

Creating a List of National Board Certified Agricultural Educators on Google Docs

Discussion created by Robin McLean on Nov 22, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by Judith Bruns

Communities of Practice helps us as Agricultural Educators connect to each other and serve as a resource for professional growth.  In a recent dialogue here, Heidi Martin and I were wondering who other National Board Certified Agricultural Educators are.  By knowing this, we will be able to help others pursuing certification, as well as support each other when renewal time comes or just share our experiences.


So, I went tech geek on this one and started a spreadsheet on Google Docs.  If you are a NBPTS Certified teacher and want to be a resource for others, please add your information to the spreadsheet.  I am pretty sure I set it up so that if you go to this link you have permission to modify information.