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    Tractor Restoration

    John Bergin Champion

      Does anyone have any ag mechanics course that works with tractor restoration? I am just starting my first year teaching and am need of some tractor restoration curriculum. Any materials, including unit outlines would be much appreciated!

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          I was wanting to do the same thing this coming year and I was going to take a systems apprach to the tractor.  The class I was going to use is Ag Machinery, and was going to cover tractor power for part of it.  Within that I was going to have engines, hydraulics, power systems, and maybe electrical systems.  Havent quite got the exact units done, but when I do I will send them if you want them.  

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            John Deere has some good fundamental of operation systems books that go through all of the systems. There is a book for hydraulics, power trains, electrical systems, engines etc.