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Discussion created by Alison Derringer on Feb 26, 2009
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I am in my second year of teaching at a chapter that was neglected for years. I'm finally starting to see some improvements in all areas with the exception of SAE's. Many students didn't have an SAE program when I came, thus I started implementing them. At this year's banquet, I would like to give out proficiency awards.  Problem is, my junior class has only two people with an active SAE (my toughest class to get motivated, of course) and I haven't had time to get them started on this year's SAE programs.  My other classes, however, have every student having an active SAE. Should I still give proficiencies this year? Also, does anyone have a rubric of how they grade their proficiency candidates at the chapter level?


Another question - does anyone have a rubric for grading Star Greenhand and Chapter Farmer? I want to do these awards as fairly as possible.  Thanks for any suggestions or imput!