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Discussion created by Joni Fields on Feb 3, 2009
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This is my first year teaching and I am in a very small community.  Recently, I was asked to evaluate my program and give my opinion on what I thought...good bad or indifferent.  The first thing my administration and I both agreed on was that I need an advisory committee.  Have any of you all ran into that problem?  I need some suggestion on where do start. I would like to have it going August 1.  This way we can start the year off with a bang. My principal told me that he wanted me to have the following people on the committee:




School Counselor

2 parents

2 community people


In this school, I am the 3rd teacher in 5 years and before that, the teacher was here for several years.  He is still employeed by the district as the tech coordinator.  No offense, but I do not want him on the committee.  He is not around that often, but when he is, he thinks that he can just come and go anywhere in my classroom or shop and get things has he needs them. Then when they are not where he thought they should be, he gets upset and wants to know where they are.  Well...I have only been here since July and I have moved somethings around, but not near as much has I would like to but this is my room and shop now and I have that right. I would like to be able to do this without thinking I need his approval.


Anyone have any suggestions or comments that can help me out with this.  That would be great! Hope everyones second semester is going well.