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Fencing Kahoot

Discussion created by Kaitlyn Bartling on Apr 27, 2021

Red Brand Fencing has not been able to send me a Fencing 101 kit, but I used their "Pocket Guide" to help provide students with the basics of fencing information.  As we went through the Guide, they each took a page to explain to their classmates.  I will be adding a guided note or understanding guide or graphic organizer for students to take notes from.  I used this Kahoot to get a feel for their understanding of the unit vocabulary and some of the required concepts.




These are the concepts that you must understand:


1) Components of Fence/Vocabulary: T-Post, Wire knots: Monarch Knot, Square Knot, Cross Lock Knot, Gauge,  Woven Wire, Square Mesh, Netting, Line Wire, Pullout, Commercial Coating weight, Fence use classification, Barbed Wire - 2 point and 4 point, High Tensile Wire, Stock Panels, Poultry Netting, T-post fastener, Fence Staples (Barbless, single barb and double barb)


2) how to read Fence Style Numbers.  


3) Difference between poultry netting and yard/garden/kennel


4) The main types of fencing (Continuous panel, woven wire, 3/4/5/6 /strand, Barbwire, woven and barb, stock panels)


5) Why do we use fencing?


6) How do we figure fencing needs to establish a implementation cost?


For practice in figuring perimeter and getting students to draw out the shapes of a field/pasture we did this together on a JamBoard to provide a check for understanding.



Unit finished with this project: