Lewis Mink

Owl Tales Podcast

Discussion created by Lewis Mink on Aug 13, 2019



My name is Lewis Mink and I wanted to share a new podcast with you all that might interest you. The podcast is called Owl Tales, and it is a podcast created by Matthew Whitaker, Daniel Bustle and myself. We are three agriculture educators in Kentucky. The goal of this podcast is to give some information about agricultural education and tell stories about our experiences in the classroom, FFA activities, and SAEs. The podcast is set up in a fun and laughing way. We try to make sure this is entertaining and educational at the same time. At this point we have two episodes and we are working on more as we speak. Give it a listen and see what you think. You can find us on Facebook by searching Owl Tales Podcast and also on Twitter @owltalespodcast. You can also find the podcasts https://owltales.podbean.com/ or on the iTunes of Google Play stores. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or suggestions message us on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!