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Ch. 9 Discussion - Go Make Some Magic!

Discussion created by Sarah Warren on Jul 29, 2019
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Wow! Can you believe it? We've already reached the end of this summer's Virtual Book Club. You have all done an excellent job at encouraging one another, building your Professional Learning Network, and being authentic with yourselves. 

Chapter 9 was short but packed with some great insights. Tisha expresses a lot of the concerns and self-doubt that we all have from time to time, but she encourages us to dig deep and find our "WHY." Your "Why" is the reason you devote time to developing your newly gamified lesson plans for the sake of your students, your reason for networking with other teachers on platforms like this, and your reason for constantly finding ways to better understand and improve yourself. We applaud you for your "why," and want you to share it loud and proud!

1) What is your "WHY?" (refer back to Chapter 9, page 181) Feel free to get creative to express this!

2) Drop your Twitter @username to stay connected with your fellow Magicians! Be sure to post about your progress with your new lessons.


3) What are some other platforms you use to share about your magical classroom adventures?


Go Make Some Magic this school year!!