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Washington DC Officer Training 2018

Discussion created by Brittany Kloer (Bridges) on Jun 16, 2019

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If you are interested in taking your students to Washington DC for an Officer Training, here is some items that will help you plan.  I would encourage you to reach out for grants and to local service organizations to pay for the trip.  Each organization I reached out to was more than happy to help, in hopes to encourage students to take leadership roles to one day replace them in their service organizations.  Since I did not have time to create too many workshops, I used the SkillsUSA leadership program I learned about during the ACTE National Conference.  Their membership of $25 is worth the content development in Gold.  I also used the FFA Mpower-A Guide to Chapter Leadership Manual to develop my workshops.  Each student had a small journal that was easy enough to fit into their FFA Jacket Pocket.  I just concluded our Louisville Officer Training and bought smaller journals that fit into their pockets.  We do not use officer binders, since we have everything in a Google Doc Comprehensive Program of Activities.  You can find out more information about the CPOA at Jay County - Jay County POA