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Updated "Cornell" Veterinary Sciences Curriculum: Cardio Lesson

Discussion created by Julia Smith on Oct 31, 2018

Attached is a lesson from our Cardio Unit. This lesson was written by Tara Berescik. Hope it is helpful!


Below is an outline of the unit. As with all of the units, it is designed to be "cherry picked" and custom designed for each teacher's individual classroom needs. All units include PowerPoints and pdf/word versions of the instructor and student workbooks. Workbooks include lessons/directions, activities, multiple assessments, answer keys. All content is crosswalked with AFNR, Common Core ELA, Math, Next Gen Science. Content is STEM and Literacy integrated


The entire content can be purchased via the Cornell Bookstore for $150. This is not for profit initiative sponsored via a USDA Grant and a partnership between Cornell, SUNY Alfred, and the Cayuga Onondaga Regional Education Center. 




Julia and the Vet Sci Team