Julia Smith

"New" Veterinary Sciences Curriculum Lesson-Microbiology

Discussion created by Julia Smith on Oct 16, 2018

When we began the process of revamping the original veterinary science curriculum we felt there needed to be a microbiology unit. Mattea LeFever, LVT/Teacher did a fantastic job putting together a strong unit. This unit is relevant for veterinary medicine but also gives students valuable skills that can translate to many other areas including food science, environmental science, plant science and so much more. I personally teach this unit right after safety. For those looking to incorporate a bit more into your curriculum, here is the unit outline with the first lesson attached. This unit walks teachers through several culturing techniques-from simple agar plates to gram stained slides all the way up through dermatophyte culturing. We also guide you through using an oil immersion microscope. If you want to incorporate some cell structure activities, those are found in the reproduction unit. As always, pick and choose the lessons that work for your individual classes.


We will also be at the 2018 National FFA Convention at the Cornell booth AND the NAAE/ACTE convention in San Antonio. We will have full workbooks there for you to take a peek at and will be giving away several free downloads for those that stop in. In the meantime, the curriculum is available at: nyvetcurriculum.store.cornell.edu 

for $150.

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