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Ag Commodity Exchange Boxes

Discussion created by Hayley Faber on Oct 8, 2018

Hello All, 

I am from Minnesota and am wondering if any other teachers from other states are interested in commodity exchange boxes. I only have these kids for 1 quarter and with the quarter coming to an end on November 1st, I thought this would be a great final project, plus something that they can easily work on while I'm away at National Convention. Again I am from MN and the farther away the better! I will attach the outline I am requiring for my students so you could take it tweek it to what you need it to say. 

My goal is that you put all your "clues" in the box and then in a sealed envelop the name of your state. 

If you are interested in talking logistics please email ASAP at hfaber@mountainlake.k12.mn.us

 Thanks for your time and I'm excited to meet you!


Hayley Faber