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Discussion created by Nan Hamilton on Aug 10, 2018

My lesson would be from CASE Advanced Plant Science - 


I can construct a model of a complete flower by creating a flower out of playdoh and identify/examine the flower structure.

The "Do Now" is placed on the whiteboard and discussed before starting the lesson!  All students check out the Do Now on board and wait for instructions!


Project 4.5.1 Flower Model and Rubric

Excitement on using all different colors of play-doh!  Who doesn't like using play-doh!

Review and discuss modifications to Project (on Do Now)  


Construct flower out of playdoh - each flower will be different and this is the fun part of the lesson!  Students use their own creativity to construct their flower.

Complete Project 4.5.1 Flower Model and Rubric

Use of Rubric (Peer Assessments)


What is the most important part of a flower?

What is the difference between pollination and fertilization?

Peer Assessment - Students discuss their flower with a partner and check to see what they have!  Also, they discuss the questions on the rubric with their


Review at end of the lesson to see if we can go onto pollination.


I have used this lesson in Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design and Advanced Plant Science.  Students love this one - even the ones that have floral and advanced plant - their flowers differ.  The excitement in lesson creates the next adventure on pollination!