Julia Smith

Parasitology lesson-"New Vet Sci"

Discussion created by Julia Smith on Apr 18, 2018

I have been trying to post some preview lessons and units for teachers to get a feel for the new curriculum. There is an immense amount of content in this curriculum-and it is sometimes easier shared a bit at a time. This first lesson, Parasite Sleuth, was written by Melanie Berndtson and Mattie LeFever-two of the writers on the curriculum-who were are both phenomenal teachers. The five writer team worked together to share ideas and peer evaluate. I am also going to include a section called "background information" Each of the 25 units in the curriculum has a section of background information to get the students "primed". Dr. Travis Park, NC State helped us out by integrating in some reading and literacy techniques to help the students engage in the reading. There are several integrated techniques-teachers can have students do one or all of them. The background reading can also work well for the "flipped classroom".  Each lesson also has a "question to consider". These prompts work well for bell ringers-but I also utilize them in my classroom as both writing and discussion prompts. I pose the question-have students individually write a response, check and "stamp" the responses, and then discuss as a group. The "questions to consider" work to activate previous knowledge for students, create linkages, create discussions, and also give me a benchmark regarding the students' knowledge. Be sure to include those as part of your teaching with these lessons! Below is the unit outline for parasitology. Hope you enjoy the lesson--Julia and the Vet Sci Team