Katie Mouton

Floral Knife Use and Student Safety

Discussion created by Katie Mouton on Nov 13, 2017

I always really try to teach my floral kids every year on how to use a floral knife and to use a floral knife when working with flowers because that's how its done in the industry. This year I had a student not using the knife right and cut her finger pretty badly that she had to get stitches. The students are needless to say pretty gun shy about using knives even in the other class period because word has gotten around. In my last period floral class I gave them the option of using a knife or a pair of shears because some were just totally freaked out about what happened. I'm curious on how I should handle arrangements in the future and how you would handle arrangements in the future. Continue using floral knives, and just continue to show them how they should be using it or give them an option. How would I even handle the kid who cut her finger open doing floral arrangements next time. Thanks.